SCB’s Lakota Lounge Wins “Best Use of Lighting” at Re(fortify)

Date Published

Chicago (April 19) – SCB was proud to sponsor and participate in Re(fortify), a friendly design competition between teams of design professionals and kids enrolled in the Art and Science program at Breakthrough Urban Ministries, located in Chicago’s East Garfield Park neighborhood. Each team is challenged to design and build a fort out of donated clothing and bedding, which is then given to Breakthrough’s men’s and women’s shelters.

The purpose of Re(fortify) is to provide kids with the opportunity to learn about the design process and develop problem solving skills as they work to translate their ideas into a built structure. The SCB/Miliken team created the Lakota Lounge, a cool teepee where kids can hang out around a campfire. Congrats to the team for winning the Best Use of Lighting Award for their marquee and life-like campfire!

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